Head On to... by William Fairbank

Head On to....

Head On to… is an investigative piece of journalism about life after head injury. It is an informative educational type documentary to raise awareness of this condition. In his accident in 1987 William received a very serious head injury. After the accident he has had to come to terms with seeing himself and the world in a completely different way. Communicating on how life is for him, and the other head injured people on the film, is the inspiration for making Head On to….



Head On to… has an introduction by Dr Mary Butler, Occupational Therapy Dept, Dunedin University, New Zealand, and five interviews with people suffering from brain injury.  This illuminating work will certainly be of great relevance to those interested in different brain states.


William is no longer film making, after suffering several strokes he finds the process too difficult.

"A compelling look at what it's like to be "inside" a head injury, movingly told by people who have been there. Out of these shared experiences, producer William Fairbank, himself a survivor, puts together a powerful and eloquent message for those of us on the outside."
Tony Adams, former journalist/broadcaster ITV
"Head On illustrates some of the complex issues faced by those living with the effects of head injury (e.g. memory, frustration, fatigue, depression). The skilful combination of interview extracts and William's commentary (supported by sketches) provides valuable insights into life after head injury. One can but admire the resilience and positive adjustments made by those interviewed. Thank you very much William and friends for sharing your experiences."
Dr Andy Tyerman, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist
"Head On was received very well by our support groups. The fact that the interviews on the film are grouped into specific areas of difficulty and hope means that we were able to pause and discuss each section of the video. Head On was the catalyst that helped both carers and people who have had injuries to express and share their personal experiences of living with brain injury."
Emma Stevens Acquired Brain Injury Community Support Worker
Headway Hurstwood Park, Newick, East Sussex
"As the mother of a young police officer severely head injured in a road traffic accident 2 ½ yrs ago, I found the video extremely helpful in enabling his father and me to understand where Richard is coming from at this present time. It has helped us to understand his difficulties with the telephone, making choices, taking a long time to find the right words when speaking and needing his everyday things neatly and precisely beside him. It has helped us to understand his confusion of thoughts and feelings, his frustration and anger and the needs of his partner in the very difficult position that she is in."
Mrs Margaret Mitchell from March, Cambs.

William Fairbank

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