Time Line

By William Fairbank


300 Public Nominations were not enough to persuade the TURNER PRIZE 2000 Jury
to go and see TIME LINE.

(a journey of one mile)



The Turner Prize 2000 entry

Photo: Tony Chalk


AD2000 (standing tall)

There are 900 fibre optic lights set into the Ash wood. They show the fine clean beautiful polished side of our lives, while the dark inner burnt Pine wood illustrates the price the planet has to pay so that we may live this way.


AD O BC (hanging sculpture)

Without the Thorns, the Crown would fall apart and without the Crown the Thorns would fall apart. The suspended sculpture illustrates the interdependent balance between opposites. Day/Night, Hard/Soft, Positive/Negative, Male/Female,  Active/Passive, Wealth/Poverty.




One Thousand Million BC (low and black)

Life on this planet is evolving every day and has been since One Thousand Million BC.