The Forest Stations

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Some background to the building of these sculptures.

This section refers to a series of sculpture made in wood by William Fairbank. Their naming refers to the sculptor’s love of timber and his concerns for the preservation of forests and trees throughout the world. The sculptures tell the story of the traditional account of Jesus Chris’s death, depicting each stage, or station, along the road to the place of crucifixion. The images are formed within the natural and carved shapes and colours of different timbers.

If it surprised some that he should be involved in this most accustomed account of Christ’s death, to others, who had known the sculptor for many years, it was no surprise that he should be original in his approach. He calls Christ ‘A Man of Truth’ and refers to the persecution as ‘great pressure from the crowd’. His carving of the final Station is abstract and titled ‘illumination’. The artist’s faith is a passage of discovery, and having depicted the crucifixion, he provides the thought that what is true for one is not necessarily true for another, thus keeping the door open for freethinkers and people of all religions. It is a matter of importance to him that this work is for everyone.