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February 2002

300 nominations from ordinary people were not enough to persuade the Turner Prize jury to come and see

5 October 2000





William Fairbank, born in Cambridge in 1950, is the sculptor of the Forest Stations, which are a series of 15 wood sculptures incorporating 139 different timbers. They are based on the traditional Stations of the Cross and took seven years to create.

From February  2002 until December 2004  they will be on show at LINCOLN CATHEDRAL.

As we head into the next millennium, he is using the publicity generated by this extraordinary work to encourage a discussion centring on the environment we are all shaping for future generations. These stations set out to appeal, in one way or another, to everyone in the world, regardless of age, race, wealth, or personal belief.

The first exhibition of the Forest Stations was held in Norwich Cathedral in 1998.  Since then they have been exhibited extensively around England.  For details see the Exhibition button on  

William was involved in a major car accident in 1987, which has left him walking on crutches or in a wheelchair. He also suffered a serious head injury. The experience of living with these disabilities has given him extraordinary insight into life under continuous pressure and this has contributed to the vibrancy of this work.

He is particularly conscious that he is designing and building a present day set of stations and, as a carpenter and joiner, he is high-lighting the present well known shortage of quality timbers world wide. The titles of the Forest Stations are written in 14 languages. Maori, Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Japanese, Greek , Russian, Swahili, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Contact: William Fairbank, 24 The Baliwick, East Harling, Norfolk NR16 2NF  Tel: 01953 718114. 

Lincoln Cathedral Precentor: Canon AJ STOKES   01522 523644