Lecture 1.
An opportunity to meet someone with a head injury who has a mission for education, and who really understands the place of occupation in occupational therapy. He sees his 15 Forest Stations as a deep exploration into the mind of a seriously head injured person. 
"Thank you William for your talk which was very well received by both students and staff of the occupational therapy school at Dunedin. There is no doubt in my mind that the material that you covered will be referred to many times in the course of this academic year. We look forward to having you speak to our students again in the future." Mary Butler, Lecturer in Neurorehabilitation for Occupational Therapy, Dunedin. 

Lecture 2.
The illustrated HEADWAY lecture (60 slides). This lecture centres on what it is like living with a serious Head Injury. It is about how William Fairbank manages to 'keep on trucking' in spite of having a serious head injury, and it is available to Head Injury groups for the cost of expenses only.

Lecture 3.
The building of the No 8 FOREST STATION. The first slide is of the plane piece of background Yew and the lecture consists of 80 slides taken during the building of this, the most complicated and intellectually challenging of the 15 sculpture series. Within the talk are a short series of slides illustrating exactly how the veneers are inlaid into the background timber.

Lecture 4.
Slide lecture of the building of No 12 FOREST STATION. Even though this sculpture may be the most simple, minute changes to this work present different feelings to the final result. This is born out by this illustrated lecture.

Lecture 5.
Slide lecture of the building of No 14 FOREST STATION. This sculpture was created in New Zealand and this illustrated lecture starts with the finding of the background REMU in the bush. This sculpture highlights the desperate situation of quality slow growing timbers world wide.

Lecture 6.
Showing films of the building of the four sculptures all of which incorporate fibre optic lights. One Thousand Million BC (7mins), AD0BC (8mins) and 2000AD (10 mins) and Heart of Yew (10 minutes). Each of these films are set to really great music and the films are very well received by all ages and by those with original brain states, like William Fairbank.

Lecture 7.
Tour down the FOREST STATIONS in Lincoln Cathedral. This is an interactive tour, and is set up to suit the viewers. William really enjoys these events and sees it as a part of this three year exhibition that he should do these tours quite regularly.