FOREST ON is a new expression which we may choose to incorporate into our language.

Forest on image

The Amazon Rain Forest

photo: Sue Cunningham


·Forest On  is an element of our awareness which comes from and includes consideration of the earth’s ecology, all the beings of the earth  and its limited resources.

·Forest On thinking looks into the future and encourages a discussion centered on the world that we want to leave for our children and their children. 

·Forest On  discussions engender a picture of the world we would like to be living in, in fifty years time. 

These discussions reach out into all levels of society; asking the question of politicians, the media, teachers, spiritual leaders, supermarkets, businesses, artists and ourselves:      

 What is your Forest On Policy?

Comments on the Principles

When we plant an acorn today we know that it will not become usable timber for at least 100 years.  At this point the crude oil will have run out fifty years ago.  Surely we should be talking about this and actually making that decision for our grandchild.

Concern for children is a fundamental of  the spiritual groups of the world.  A clear view towards the principals of Forest On  should be deep in the thinking of all these spiritual groups.


As we head into the next millennium, there is certainly a Forest On element in many ordinary peoples’ thinking.  ‘Oh yes of course we are worried about the world we are leaving for our children!’



Where appropriate we should all encourage those who commission art works to include a Forest On element within these commissions.



The restricted, hamstrung by business, nature of the media and governments,  means that long term views are an anathema.


At election time it is a very fare question to ask a political party to state clearly their Forest On  policy, encouraging thoughts well beyond a three, four or five year time span.


A country has to clear fell tropical forest in order to service the

interest on a loan.   Where is the Forest On element to this action?

Dave SimmsThe Sanga Tree

· The world is increasingly being screwed up all around us (baseline: overpopulation) which puts into perspective our individual gripes and groans at work and home.

·     Routines, ruts and ‘boredoms’ are actually stable enjoyments amid the economy-centric, profit-orientated, change-mad, entrepreneur-driven chaotic rush that the few power-hungry people enforce upon us everywhere these days -   There's an art to pottering.

·     In accordance with the Forest On principals, we should find those jewels of happiness within ourselves, our micro-environments and relationships because we have no right to complain when millions of others ‘out there’ have so little in comparison.

·     If these observations are put together, we see how spoilt we are and how special our situation really is - what seems to have been lacking suddenly appears rich!


If you want to change the world, change yourself.         Mahatma Ghandi 

If you move too fast, you loose the time to listen.               Payakan 

What ever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth.  We did not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it.  What ever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.     Chief Seattle 

The No 1 driving principal of a commercial company must be financial profit.  This fact colours all major Forest On decisions. 

As Ervin Laszlo says in  3rd Millennium, published by Gaia, ‘These ‘visions’ share a basic trait: not only do they focus on the forest and not just the trees, but they see  the forest as far more than merely a set of trees one next to the other.  The forest may be perceived as a systemic, integrated whole in which all trees, as all things, are organically linked and are thus evolving - or devolving - together. 


The world population is set to double in the next thirty years.  The destruction of the planet is being caused by us people. We burn 72.2 million barrels of crude oil per day and the known reserves are 1,037.6 billion barrels, which will last approximately 40 years. 

As well as oil being refined into petrol, diesel, aviation and heating fuel, literally thousands of other every day products to some extent owe their existence ultimately to oil:

Kitchen film for wrapping cheese, meats etc, grease paper, food packaging, miscellaneous bottles, cream and yoghurt pots, margarine, interior of refrigerator, egg boxes, washing up bowls, dustbins, dustbin bags, detergent, non-stick cooking pans, unit tops, floor adhesives/preservatives, disinfectants and dyes.  Living Area  Gramophone records, ‘vinyl’ wallpaper, radio and TV cabinets, telephones, sculptures, tape cassettes, ‘cut glass’ light fittings, candles, lino, carpet, Venetian blinds, decorative laminates e.g.. synthetic wood veneers, upholstery, curtains, laminates for circuits in radio and TV.  Bathroom  Cosmetics, soap, bathroom scales, nail varnish and perfumes.  Wardrobe  ‘Wet look’ fashion wear, shoes, coat hangers, man-made fibres e.g. nylon, polyester.  Transport and Communications  Handle bar grips, car and bus upholstery, brake lining, tyres, anti-freeze, safety glass and car bodies.  Miscellaneous  Window stickers, hose pipes, vending machine cups, disposable medical syringes, insecticides, fertilisers, fungicides, dry-cleaning fluids, flower pots, window boxes, typewriters, cash registers, photographic slides and films, cameras, rust preservatives  Building Construction  Electric cable coverings, guttering, floor and wall tiles, corrugated plastic, underground pipes, ceiling tiles, room insulation, roofing felt, paint, adhesives and bitumen.  Leisure  Squeaky dolls, satchels and brief cases, pram covers, inflatable toys, baby pants, play balls, model aeroplans, ball point pen barrels, balloon, tents, dinghies, sun tan oil, ink, artificial ski slopes, crayons……

The fact that God comes into this world gives the whole of creation eternal significance, and not just human beings.  So issues surrounding the planet, ecology, the environment, global warming and pollution are central to the Christian understanding of God and the world.  They are not just good causes that appeal to certain kinds of people, they are integral to the Christian Faith.  But the truly fascinating point, the fulcrum of the whole debate, is the dialectic between God’s creation and humanity, and it is precisely here that the Forest On Principles provoke and inspire  profound thought and discussion.        

Very Revd John Methuen, Dean of Ripon

A book is soon to be published called ‘Forest On….and On?’. The book consists of statements from companies, political parties, environmental groups and individuals.  If you would like to be included in this book, your statement should include the words ‘Forest On’.  Please post your entry to:

William Fairbank, Forest On,
76 Whitegate, Bridgham NR16 2AB   UK